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The upsides of fractional laser in autumn and winter

Autumn is the right time for more invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. Weaker solar radiation is conducive to making use of

How to preserve your youthful look for longer?

Let’s face it: aging process should be treated as a chronic disease. To keep it in check, regular treatments must

Treating discolorations after the summer

Discolorations constituteone of the mostcomplex aesthetic problems. Due to widevariety oftypes, they are difficult to treat. During the summer our

Why should we care for the proper breathing in children?

Not everyone is aware of the fact that breathing manner is crucial in the proper development of both: child’s face

Bust after feeding – how to improve its condition?

Bust condition after lactation is affected primarily by its weight increase which is much greater when the breasts are filled

Your mid-face matters

The subject of rejuvenating the forehead or eye-area is very often discussed.However, the mid part of the face deserves our

Root canal treatment from A to Z

Some patients facing endodontic or root canal treatment are wondering if it is really worth it. Will a tooth requiring

The role of modern technologies in cosmetology

Contemporary, world-class cosmetology could not exist without treatments based on the latest technologies. The range of advanced devices is an

Caries – a disease also affecting children

Caries is an infectious disease, dangerous not only for our oral health, but also for the entire body. It can

Volumetry – we add volume to improve beauty

We tend to assess age and beauty by facial features. If they are asymmetrical, too sharp or not emphasized enough,

Professional hygiene as necessary as regular tooth brushing

Most people, when taking care of their teeth, focus primarilyon their thorough brushing twice a day and remember about regular

Mesotherapy – a wealth of treatments in one method

Mesotherapy is one of the simpler and effective therapeutic methods availableto enhancethe appearance and quality of the skin. Its efficacy

Treatment of other ailments using aesthetic medicine methods

Many preparations and devices, known mainly from their application in aesthetic medicine, are also successfully used in standard medicine and

Aesthetic medicine treatments best in winter

Anyone willing to consciously take care of their skin, delay or reverse the signs of the aging process or simply

Dark circles and bags under the eyes

Dark circles and bags under the eyes affect many people. And although we look worn out and tired because of

All you need to know about laser epilation

Getting rid of unwanted hair once and for all… It’s a dream many people have. Traditional hair removal is a

How the condition of our teeth and oralcavity impacts the whole body

The condition of the teeth and oral cavity is fundamental for our overall health. If neglected, health-related consequences such as

Parent alert: milk teeth decay!

Many parents do not attach enough importance to the health of milk teeth of their children. If the teeth fall

HIFU: popular, but not without consequences

HIFU technology, very popular recently, is mainly a lifting procedure. The device uses concentrated ultrasounds to heat tissues in their

Complications after aesthetic medicine treatments

Aesthetic medicine procedures, just like any medical interventions, significantly affect human body. They are not about ordinary superficial care but

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