Izabella Olejnik

Triclinium is my new passion.
My sweet, good angels led me once to a place where miracles happen: the cozy yet elegant Triclinium Clinic in Ursynów, Warsaw. Seeing my pale, exhausted face Dr. Marek Wasilukhas decided to give me a chance! And he took to it comprehensively enough. He started from my forehead. A small dosage of Botox brightened my eye area. Next, the fractional CO2 laser repeated 3 times on the face, around the eyes, on the neck and décolleté. The result -absolutely fantastic: raised facial oval, the skin tense and supple, and little wrinkles gone. We also decided to apply the microneedle RF onto the lower eyelid and around the mouth, which also took away a few years from me. This beauty correction started to appeal so much to me that I am planning to undergo a few other minor procedures such as the removal of capillaries. What is really crucial in this metamorphosis of mine, however, is the fact that I can fully trust Dr. Wasiluk. One look isusually enough for him to assess what needs to be done to make the face fresh and bright again. Anyway, the whole Triclinium team consists of top professionals. I recommend the place with all my heart.

Maria Rotkiel

It’s high time for my beauty plan at Triclinium!
Part One: consultation and accurate diagnosis.After my son was born, enjoying the first months of motherhood, I started to feel that the time has come to “take care of myself”.
Like every woman I deserve some time only for myself, and I would like to try out some treatments that would help me get back into shape -both physical and mental. We know very well that the more attractive and well-taken-care-of we are, the better we feel with increased self-confidence and more energy and motivation to act.
As an extremely active working mom I need such support very much.
Since I propagate the philosophy of “loving yourself first”, I try to live in accordance with it.
The best decision which I have taken recently was to arrange a consultation at Triclinium with dr. Marek Wasiluk. At the very first meeting we designed a plan of my “renovation”, as I call it, and the doctor devoted a lot of attention and care to me, describing in a comprehensive way each of the planned procedures. First of all, the doctor urged me to do some medical tests, such as morphology and hormonal panel, convincing me that treatments of aesthetic medicine should be combined with the comprehensive health approach.
I could not agree more. As a psychologist I know perfectly well that only “holistic” care of oneself can produce really satisfactory results. Tests showed that I have a thyroid gland malfunction, and therefore I immediately subjected myself to treatment. If it had not beenfor the doctor, I would still be procrastinating a check-up visit at the endocrinologist. The consultation at Triclinium gave me the feeling that I’m putting myself into good hands, and that the treatments at the clinic will help me regain attractive appearance strained by hardships of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I am particularly glad about the fact that the beauty plan designed for me involves treatments aimed at improving my skin condition by stimulating the natural regeneration processes of the body. And I look forward to them already.

Olga Frycz

Triclinium helps me in my struggle for strong, healthy and shiny hair.
I’ve never been interested in aesthetic medicine. I believed that if I am still “so young”, I do like and accept myself and my body why should I even consider this type of clinic? Well, I still think that “natural” is the coolest, healthiest and generally the best, but …
Some time ago I spoke to my friend from high school days. She said her company cooperated with Triclinium and asked if I wanted to meet a wonderful doctor and possibly arrange an appointment. Before I answered, I began to inspect my bodymore scrupulously. I stood before the mirror and thought that it is not that bad after all and actually “why bother?”
The very same day I had a photo shoot for one of the magazines. Everybody did what they could so that I looked really beautiful. A make-up artist modeled my face, a stylist dressed me in expensive clothes, and a hairdresser began to conjure some sort of hairdo out of my shoddy hair. He trimmed, curled and straightened it and finally fixed a few fake hair strands to amplify the looks. I have always wanted to have a thick braid on my head, but unfortunately, “Mother Nature” have decided otherwise. One cannot have everything.
After the photo session I contacted my colleague, arranged an appointment at Triclinium and started consultations. Dr. Marek Wasiluk, apart from being an outstanding specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine, is first and foremost a wonderful man, who patiently answered all my questions.
There are no miracles as of yet, but together with the doctor we have been fighting for that additional thickness of my pony tail. I am trying to regularly visit Triclinium, where we usually do needle mesotherapy of my head using plasma. The doctor warned me it may hurt a little, but my dreams of healthy and strong hair have won! Well, there was no pain. What about the effects? I am happy to say it’s getting better!

Aneta Todorczuk-Perchuć

Triclinium is a place I go to with absolute certainty that I am in good hands and under the supervision of a genuine professional, dr. Marek Wasiluk.

No, this is not a spa, although some treatments are very pleasant indeed. Before the first visit I watched a couple of videos on Triclinium’swebsite and very much liked the fact that there is no “sugar-coating”, but mere truth. Another thing that convinced me was that the doctor advises against any unnatural interference in beauty, and although I did not come for Botox, I liked this “natural beauty” approach. In short – in my profession physical appearance is very important, and the body is a work tool, so taking care of yourself is essential. Therefore I am very glad I chose Triclinium.

Katarzyna Cichopek

Journalists often askme how I take care about my beauty. So far a regular facial cream and a smile have done the trick. Well, recently I turned 30 and started needing a little bit more.

I favor natural looks. Skillfully stimulated. I rather prefer preventive measures than a sharp cut. That is why I chose Triclinium. After a thorough interview concerning my needs, dr. Marek Wasiluk prescribed such regenerative treatments that not only suit me, but also work. I am therefore very happy seeing beautiful, healthy, firm skin in the mirror every day.

Now if journalists ask me about my beauty secret, I will tell them that I regularly use creams, undergo treatments at Triclinium and smile a lot since it is dr. Kamila Wasiluk who takes good care about it.