Alicja Grzywacz

An advisor, patient care assistant, receptionist.

Makeup artist and physiotherapist by profession.

She can manage Triclinium appointment schedule like no other: searching for the dates most convenient for patients and planning the work of the clinic and particularly busy dr. Marek Wasiluk seems a piece of cake for her.

Privately and professionally, interested in styling and makeup. A certified make-up artist, she is capable of changing women into delicate princesses, elegant ladies or sexy vamps with merely a brush, sponge and several tubes with magic cosmetic substances – depending on the need.

A person with an extremely positive attitude towards life: conscientious, emphatic and understanding.

She believes in positive thinking and the power of good.

Very passionate about kitchen revolutions – cooking is her favorite pastime.

Emilia Szczubełek

A patient’s advisor, care assistant and receptionist.

A student of dental hygiene.

Extraordinarily sensitive and empathic. Very helpful not only to the entire Triclinium team, but above all – our patients and clients. She tries to treat every contact person or visitor with due attention, creating warm and family – like atmosphere, providing precise and helpful information. Yet the most important and difficult part of her work remains “invisible”. Every day, by painstaking search through the appointment schedule, she can magically conjure up convenient dates for our busy patients.

Privately, a real fashion enthusiast.

dr Marek Wasiluk, MSc of Aesthetic Medicine, MBA

Master of Science of Aesthetic Medicine and an ultimate specialist in the field. Propagator and expert in laser therapy. Originator and founder of Triclinium.

Marek Wasiluk is the only doctor in Poland who graduated from the prestigious MSc in Aesthetic Medicine studies at Barts and London School of Medicine and Dentistry at the Queen Mary University (year 2017). Thus, he boasts the title of Master of Science, which cannot be obtained at any university in Poland and only very few international institutions.

As one of the few graduates, he was granted this title with distinction. Dr. Marek Wasiluk is a precursor and seeker of new medical solutions. As the first one in Poland he introduced and applied copper bromide laser therapy, fractional microneedle radiofrequency and HIFU. He has also created his own therapies such as No Stretch Marks helping treat old, scarred stretch marks. Called the “doctor of difficult cases” dr Wasiluk gives his patients hope for improved appearance and real effects.

He is particularly interested in modern medical technologies, including laser therapies. He is a supporter of aesthetic medicine based on the assumption that improving beauty should result from stimulating the body towards  its natural regeneration. Thanks to his international and comprehensive experience, Triclinium goes beyond standards and uses the latest solutions.

As a true enthusiast, dr Wasiluk willingly shares his knowledge and experience in media publications: he has his own columns on and portals, but he is primarily active at his own blog. In his book entitled “Aesthetic medicine without secrets” he shares his passion with the readers.

He has also completed postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw and Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine. He is also a member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging. As such, he actively participated in the development of the Society’s certification program for aesthetic medicine doctors. Since 2008, he has been a lecturer at the Postgraduate Education Center of the Medical University of Warsaw. Dr Marek Wasiluk is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge drawing on world standards, which is why he decided on the prestigious postgraduate studies in aesthetic medicine in Great Britain. In addition, he is an expert in the field of clinical trials. He has participated in over 80 research projects conducted all over the world – in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He has contributed to the introduction of the swine flu and malaria vaccination onto the Polish market.

Our doctor’s extraordinary openness wins instant sympathy and trust of his patients with whom he values ​​direct, personal contact. No need to say we cordially invite you for consultations and treatments at dr. Marek Wasiluk.

dr Kamila Wasiluk, MSc of Orthodontics

A dentist-orthodontist with international experience (Master of Science in Orthodontics diploma), aesthetic medicine doctor and a co-founder of Triclinium.

By nature, a perfectionist attaching great importance to details and aesthetics. Extremely analytical and logical mind.

In 2002 dr Kamila Wasiluk graduated from dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw. For several years she worked as a dentist treating both children and adults. Since 2007 she got professionally involved in orthodontics and facial aesthetics. Constantly improving her competences, she has managed to gain unique skills in the field of modern orthodontic therapies. In her practice she can skillfully combine them with her expertise in aesthetic medicine in order to obtain not only the correct bite, but also retainoptimal facial features.

In 2009 she completed postgraduate studies in cosmetology for doctors at the College of Cosmetology and Health Promotion and in 2012 -postgraduate studies in aesthetic medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw.

In 2014 she gotthe title of MSc. in Orthodontics upon graduating from specialization studies in orthodontics at Donau University in Austria.

Constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge motivate Dr. Kamila Wasiluk to regularly participate in various training sessions. She has completed over 50 courses, led by lecturers from Europe, USA and South America, learning modern standards and methods of conducting orthodontic therapies, both for children and adults.

Such a broad look at the most important global trends and orthodontic techniques allowed her to develop her own original methods optimally suited to the age of her patients and their specific malocclusions.

Her ambition is to spread knowledge and increase dental and orthodontic awareness, hence the idea for her own blog: Mama Ortodonta which she has been running since 2017.

Dr Kamila Wasiluk offers her patients optimal and individually selected therapeutic methods so that the effects are the best, natural and long lasting. Taking into account facial aesthetics, she creates an orthodontic treatment plan in such a way as to save patients from tooth extraction.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere for patients during appointments is especially vital for her.


Dr Katarzyna Dulna

Dr Katarzyna Dulna graduated from Dentistry Department of the Medical University of Warsaw in 2002.

Initially, her professional interests focused on conservative dentistry, advanced endodontics and aesthetic dentistry. Over time, in a way of natural consequence, she became more interested in orthodontics – a field in which she is now intensively developing. She has an extensive knowledge about the proper functioning of the masticatory organ movement system and holds a holistic view of a patient through the prism of their general bodily condition, not only problems concerning selected teeth.

In her treatment methods she avoids unnecessary interference. Ensuring her patients’ proper and comfortable functioning and aesthetic satisfaction is her priority. She specializes in temporomandibular joint supporting treatment of disorders occurring in this particular area. In her practice, she tries to use techniques and tools compatible with her own methods, including functional treatment, self-ligating apparatus, A.L.F apparatus, coordinated arch development technique (CAD) as well as braces supporting the treatment ofmasticatory organ disorders. She also has alicense to apply Homeoblock ™ epigenetic apparatus.

Depending on the situation, she offers her patients access to interdisciplinary proceedings through cooperation with a prosthetist, surgeon and periodontist. Moreover, she closely cooperates with physiotherapists and a nutritionist (specialist in food hypersensitivity and allergies) in restoring general good condition in patients requiring comprehensive care.

A member of the International Association for Orthodontics since 2014, she has been updating and expanding her knowledge at numerous conferences and trainings. Currently participating in the 3-year “Mini-Residency in Orthodontics” program led by Dr. Derek Mahony.

Whenever possible, dr Katarzyna tries to do her best to create a patient-friendly atmosphere at Triclinium with her pleasant disposition, professionalism, access to modern equipment and excellent materials.

Feel invited!

Dr Natasza Grądalska

Aesthetic medicine doctor.
A dentist by profession, graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw.
In the first years of her professional career, dr Natasza Grądalska worked as a dentist treating both children and adults.
She has been with Triclinium since 2012, closely cooperating with dr Marek Wasilukfrom the very beginning , learning theory and practice of aesthetic medicine under his supervision. She specializes mainly in skin rejuvenation using modern regenerative methods, especially microneedle radiofrequency, fractional laser, platelet rich plasma and HIFU. She also treats stretch marks (using dr Wasiluk’s original method – No Strech Marks) and hair loss.
Collaborative team work and daily observation of dr Wasiluk at work grant Dr. Natasza direct access to knowledge about modern aesthetic treatments, their effectiveness and safety. Dr Marek Wasiluk values her reliability, honesty and empathic approach to patients.
In addition to medical work, dr Natasza has completed training on good clinical trial practice and has research experience.
Dr. Natasza believes it is important to build mutual trust in the doctor-patient relationship. That is why apart from sheer professionalism, she sets out to create a friendly atmosphere at the clinic so that patients are not afraid to ask questions. She is a cheerful and open person, making her patients feel at ease.

MSC Milena Nowak

A nurse, cosmetologist, nail stylist, makeup artist.

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw.

With Triclinium since 2013. A nurse by profession, a cosmetologist by passion and a real artist. She can create unique works of art on tiny nail surface. Nail styling is both her passion and profession. Her unusual manual skills mean that blood sample collection (for platelet rich plasma procedure for instance) performed by Milena is a pleasure.

She also deals with cosmetology using devices, especially IPL, E-light and RF microneedle.

She is an increasingly open and cordial person, endowed with great trust by patients. Her professionalism and precision guarantee safety and high quality of work.Privately, she loves creating jewelry.

dr Agnieszka Duplaga

A dentist.

Dr Agnieszka Duplaga graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw. She is constantly broadening her knowledge by taking part in numerous courses and trainings, including “Art Of Composite – composite aesthetics without secrets”or” Diagnosis of gingival-mucosal problems and basic procedures in periodontology.

She was also involved in the preventive and educational program “Protect children’s smiles” – an annual series of free dental check-ups for primary school children, organized by Wrigley, PL and the Polish Red Cross.

She has always wanted to work asa dentist. Good contact with herpatientsand continuous improvement of qualificationsconstitute her motto.She strives tochoose the optimal method of treatment for each individual case.

Patients value herhigh reliability and accuracy. She makes sure that every dental intervention is beneficial not only for the patient’s health, but also for the aesthetics of their teeth.

At Triclinium, she deals with conservative dentistry and aesthetic prosthetics. She treatsboth adults and children.

MSC Magdalena Najbar

Cosmetologist, dietitian.
A curious, open-minded personality with a knack for training and science. She approaches every patient holistically and with great empathy. A professional with a great aesthetic sense.
An experienced MRT test consultant. The “conductor” of cosmetology unit at Triclinium. No innovative method is offered at Triclinium without its careful analysis and testing in the first place. Privately, Magdalena is passionate about aesthetic medicine, make-up, dance, fashion and travel. She is continually increasing her professional competences, participating in conferences and working closely with dr. Marek Wasiluk. “Without Magda’s intelligence, diligence, commitment and innate pedantism, Triclinium would not be as friendly for our patients as it is” – admits dr Wasiluk.
Magda’s knowledge is supported by proper education. She is a graduate of the College of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznan in the field of cosmetology. Poznan University of Medical Sciences granted her a title of nutritionist. She also graduated with honors from Anita Folaron’s School of Makeup, Visage and Styling. Despite her young age, he also has the experience of being a lecturer / trainer at the Academy of Cosmetics and HealthCare in Warsaw. She boasts many years of experience working as a cosmetologist and dietitian for prestigious clinics in Warsaw such as Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetic Institute. There, she says, she learned what a high standard of customer service really means

MSC Katarzyna Nawotka-Bes

A cosmetologist.
A graduate of the College of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznan in the field of cosmetology as well as the University of Economics.
Despite her young age, she is already a comprehensively experienced cosmetologist. She acquired her expertise working in one of Dr Irena Eris Institutes.
She regularly extends her professional competences and practical skills by participating in regular internal trainings at Triclinium as well as external courses /conferences.
At Triclinium, she deals with all skin and body care treatments using modern technologies and equipment, such as laser hair removal, acne therapy, stretch marks, improvement of skin condition, cellulite, excess fat tissue, erythema, rosacea and others.
A person of great empathy, characterized by delicacy, accuracy and patience.
Supporter of natural and regenerative methods, selecting individual care and correction treatments for each patient. New therapies / devices / treatment programs introduced at Triclinium only motivate her to enlarge her practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of aging, modern cosmetological methods and devices. Apart from performing the duties of a cosmetologist, she also deals with the improvement and optimization of cosmetology offer at the clinic.
She very often supports dr. Marek Wasiluk in performing aesthetic medicine treatments. Dr Wasiluk values her extraordinary diligence and professionalism.
Privately, she is fascinated by the possibilities of modern aesthetic medicine. She is a genuine animal lover, with dogs at the forefront.

Monika Nowakowska

A dental assistant, orthodontic and dental hygienist with several years of practical experience.

At Triclinium she actively assists during dental, orthodontic and surgical procedures.

Perfectly acquainted with all the assistance procedures necessary for safe, aseptic and comfortable treatment of patients. Constantly expanding her dental and medical expertiseat conferences.

Monika has extensive knowledge in the field of oral hygiene and prevention of related diseases. Sheconducts professional teeth cleaning instruction, advises on the selection of proper hygiene products and carries out professional scaling, sanding and polishing.

Co-working with dr Kamila Wasiluk let heracquireample knowledge in the areaof orthodontic technology. She is able to receive and help a patient with a failure of anorthodontic apparatus. “Without Monika’s professionalism, attentiveness and warm-hearted care for the patient, the appointments would not be so smooth and friendly ” – dr Kamila states.

At Triclinium, Monika also assists during difficult procedures demanding extraordinary sterility: in implantology, dental surgery and aesthetic medicine.

She is a very communicative person conjuring up a super friendly atmosphere, which can significantly reduce patients’ tension and stress levels.

MCS Katarzyna Ciach

An advisor and patient care assistant, coordinator of reception and back-office work, with Triclinium since 2015.

A graduate of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw (Social Communication and PR faculty), University of Warsaw (Organization Management) as well as Tax Law postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW).

Even the best equipped clinic and the best specialists would not be able to function well without efficient internal organization and effectively arranged logistics -not only related to records or patients’ appointments, but assuming a whole lot of additional “invisible” activities, such as ensuring the availability of treatment materials, taking care of the equipment efficiency or minor formalities necessary for the smooth operation of Triclinium. Kasia, very well organized and disciplined by nature, guarantees that Triclinium works efficiently so that both patients and employees are satisfied with the service provided.

In her free time, she likes cooking, traveling and living in accordance with her calendar.

MSC Anna Gregajtys

An advisor, patient care assistant , receptionist. With Triclinium from the very beginning of the clinic’s existence.

A graduate of psychology, specializing in health psychology and psychotherapy. Participant of many cosmetology courses, which is one of her main hobbies.

She is an extremely conscientious, hard-working and thorough person, very empathetic at the same time. She deals with patient service and administrative work and has unique ability to explain to our patients what certain complicated procedures are all about in an accessible and simple way.

Triclinium customers who have had direct contact with Ania at the reception desk remember her as a person who can create an atmosphere of relaxation, peace and warmth in which any anxiety just melts down.

Privately, a happily married mother of two. As she puts it, well -structured family life and professional career give her amazing satisfaction.