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New! Sylfirm pulsed micro-needle radiofrequency

Sylfirm pulsed micro-needle radiofrequency treatment is a complete novelty. Unlike traditional fractional RF microneedle method, it does not heat the

Triclinium on Instagram

We kindly invite all our Customers,interested in what is happening at Triclinium, in our treatments and patients’ metamorphosis, to our

Dr Marek Wasiluk’s new Instagram profile

We would like to invite you to the new Instagram profile of dr. Marek Wasiluk – the founder of Triclinium

New dentist at Triclinium

We are very pleased to introduce to you our new dentist at Triclinium – Dr. Agnieszka Duplaga, a graduate ofthe

New episodes of “Aesthetic medicine without secrets”

In March we were again busy recording ourfilm series entitled “Aesthetic medicine without secrets” presenting the kind of aesthetic problems

Stars at Triclinium

Katarzyna Cichopek has recently joined the pretty outstanding group of household names visiting Triclinium. Among our well-known patients are also:

Unique “Perfect Derma Peel” treatment available at Triclinium

The “Perfect Derma Peel” is an advanced medical scrub made in the USA, now available on the Polish market. We


Until recently, removing old, scarred stretch marks was not possible. Stretch marks are located deep in the skinand the amount

Dr Marek Wasiluk at the Ellansé training for aesthetic medicine doctors

Last week Dr. Marek Wasiluk participated in the Ellansé training for aesthetic medicine doctors advanced in this type of procedures.

Triclinium at the MIXIII-BIOMED Conference and Exhibition in Israel

Dr. Kamila Wasiluk and Dr. Marek Wasiluk, the founders of Triclinium, took part in the MIXIII-BIOMED Conference and Exhibition on

Dr Marek Wasiluk at the 39th LNE Congress and Fairs

During a speech at the LNE International Congress and Cosmetology Fairs (March 30-31) in Kraków dr. Marek Wasiluk shared his

Triclinium at Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show in Seoul

Triclinium clinic is proud to be equipped with a large number of modern devices. It is thanks to its owners

Dr Marek Wasiluk at King Saud University

Dr. Marek Wasiluk conducted training workshops for doctors at King Saud University – the largest university in Saudi Arabia. Our

Is laser hair depilation for everyone? Dr Marek Wasiluk on TVP2

In the TVP2program Pytanie na Śniadanie (“Question for Breakfast”) dr. Marek Wasiluk explained whether laser hair removalis good for everyone.

Dr Marek Wasiluk on ILP devices, TVP2

Dr Marek Wasiluk was once again invited to TVP2 this time to discuss the hand-held IPL devices. Most manufacturers of

Dr Marek Wasiluk – the best educated aesthetic medicine specialist in Poland!

In August 2017, Dr. Marek Wasiluk – a specialist in aesthetic medicine and founder of the Triclinium Modern Medicine Center,

The upsides of fractional laser in autumn and winter

Autumn is the right time for more invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. Weaker solar radiation is conducive to making use of

How to preserve your youthful look for longer?

Let’s face it: aging process should be treated as a chronic disease. To keep it in check, regular treatments must

Treating discolorations after the summer

Discolorations constituteone of the mostcomplex aesthetic problems. Due to widevariety oftypes, they are difficult to treat. During the summer our

Why should we care for the proper breathing in children?

Not everyone is aware of the fact that breathing manner is crucial in the proper development of both: child’s face

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